1. pacemaker1658
2. dakotamonrow
3. akwench
4. gnickg9585
5. forthayer
1.gnickg9585 06/13/2018
Update on Phase 3 Clinical Trials of Lanabecestat for Alzheimer's Disease
2.dakotamonrow 01/25/2018
Awesome News!!
3.pacemaker1658 02/26/2018
Receives additional FDA approval for VerzenioTM (abemaciclib), as initial treatment for advanced breast cancer
4.pacemaker1658 01/31/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.07 and beats on revenues
5.akwench 01/22/2018
Have to read the details of it
6.dakotamonrow 01/22/2018
FDA approval
7.pacemaker1658 05/17/2018
Lilly Data at ASCO Illustrate Patient-Driven Advances in Cancer Care
8.dakotamonrow 10/14/2017
I think this stock will be good through the end of the year
9.pacemaker1658 01/31/2018
Sees FY18 $4.81-4.91 vs $4.67
10.akwench 07/24/2018
LLY closing up 5.03%.
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