1. clarkfan
2. joaniesee
3. kountrygal34
4. wlo7669
5. sunstocks
1.joaniesee 01/31/2018
Hold on to those shares, this company is in cruise mode
2.kountrygal34 01/31/2018
Lockheed Martin Awarded $81 Million Contract to Modernize U.S. Air Force Airborne Launch Control System
3.clarkfan 01/30/2018
Another gives their opinion
4.clarkfan 09/28/2017
Lockheed Martin declares $2.00/share quarterly dividend, 9.9% increase from prior dividend of $1.82.
5.poolezoomclub 04/12/2018
F-35 Completes Most Comprehensive Flight Test Program in Aviation History
6.wlo7669 03/05/2018
Awarded a $480 mln Navy contract; expected to be completed by October 2024
7.mnef7889 02/21/2018
Japan plans to buy at least 20 additional F-35A stealth fighters
8.clarkfan 02/06/2018
Sikorsky Qualifies Weapons System for Digital Black Hawk Helicopter
9.ncc861 02/02/2018
More good news for $LMT!!!
10.ncc861 02/05/2018
Awarded $120 mln Navy contract;
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