1. ddearing14
2. riss155
3. johjugfkpvx8s2rv
4. sheph53
5. stgsb
1.riss155 01/25/2018
Nice call
2.ddearing14 01/22/2018
3.riss155 02/01/2018
Lightbridge Awarded Key Patents in Europe and China for Innovative Metallic Fuel Design
4.ddearing14 01/26/2018
This hurts. I'm not out yet though.
5.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 01/25/2018
Lightbridge Corp (NASDAQ:LTBR ) starts 2018 on solid footing, with shares up 140%, making the stock one of Wall Street's biggest bulls.
6.sheph53 01/26/2018
Lightbridge and Framatome Launch Enfission to Commercialize Innovative Nuclear Fuel
7.ddearing14 01/25/2018
This is a $10 stock
8.stgsb 01/25/2018
Lezzzz Go
9.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 01/29/2018
Lightbridge Provides Video Footage and Photos of Press Conference Announcing Enfission Joint Venture with Framatome; Posts Interview of Lightbridge CEO on Fox Business
10.riss155 01/22/2018
Lightbridge Receives U.S. Approval for Key Patent for its Innovative Fuel Design
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