1. jhake544
2. autrysnana94
3. JasonJohnJacobs
4. suzeway
5. tina
1.JasonJohnJacobs 03/12/2018
So very satisfying Added in low $2s
2.suzeway 03/13/2018
but lost a lot of yesterdays gains
3.jhake544 02/01/2018
Better next week, hoping, at least!
4.tina 03/12/2018
Here's Why Marathon Patent Group Inc (MARA) Stock Skyrocketed Today
5.autrysnana94 01/18/2018
New patents, building more value here
6.autrysnana94 02/01/2018
Blockchain Technologies Improving Businesses as Growing Number of Industries Integrate Blockchain Operations
7.jhake544 03/12/2018
U Got skills
8.mindx7 03/13/2018
for sure
9.suzeway 01/18/2018
At least it reverses the last couple days
10.jhake544 01/18/2018
Up 11% as we speak but pulling down some
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