1. chaw3393
2. TradeChem
3. bulley4949
4. freebird713
5. tmoore449
1.tmoore449 03/30/2018
Only down 20%. No biggie. lol
2.geckopsych 02/07/2018
News out for $MARK: - Remark Holdings Announces Agreement with Shanghai Open University
3.TradeChem 12/27/2017
Expecting good things tomorrow
4.bulley4949 11/20/2017
Sold half at $6.15 this morning. Was loading up last AI push
5.TradeChem 11/21/2017
Good research
6.beanoken 11/20/2017
100% in a week
7.chaw3393 11/20/2017
This looks good, but is it too late to get in, should I wait until it settles down?
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