1. jaetee
3. SebastianXL
4. greatLegends45
5. guyspat
1.SebastianXL 10/30/2017
2.MAJDAVARAN 10/30/2017
Back to where we started a couple days ago
3.jaetee 02/01/2018
4.pauspets4 01/29/2018
Stifel Nicolaus reiterates Hold rating, $16 PT
5.SebastianXL 01/23/2018
Would a merger like that be allowed
6.MAJDAVARAN 07/25/2018
Announces reduction of over 2,200 positions, representing 22% of global non-manufacturing workforce
7.pauspets4 02/01/2018
misses on revenues
8.greatLegends45 11/10/2017
Could constitute a monopoly?
9.tgaller65 01/19/2018
Nice call buying again!
10.jaetee 07/25/2018
Misses EPS loss estimates by $0.26 and misses on revenues
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