1. whackvet
2. lilderail
3. befrugalln
4. mellybelly42725
5. winnie55tracey
1.befrugalln 02/20/2018
Good time to buy MDXG?
2.befrugalln 03/05/2018
MiMedx Receives Notice of Filing Delinquency from NASDAQ
3.whackvet 02/20/2018
goes up from here on out.
4.lilderail 10/03/2017
NEWS: MiMedx Completes Divestiture Of Its Stability Biologics Subsidiary
5.whackvet 10/03/2017
They have legal battles that could be good... Upcoming Key Date for on Patent Infringement Legal Battle {Link}
6.lilderail 02/20/2018
Concerns Raised over MiMedx Group Inc (MDXG) Move to Postpone Release of Results; Shares Tumble Over 30%
7.mellybelly42725 03/10/2018
Pretty depressing to say the least.
8.whackvet 02/20/2018
Needham Downgrades to Hold
9.lilderail 03/11/2018
a total disappointment
10.befrugalln 06/07/2018
Never good to hear:
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