1. sggamma
2. 1sparhawk1
3. anachronistic
4. jhake544
5. rbor2407
1.rbor2407 01/02/2018
Magna Announces Completion of Second Share Repurchase Program
2.sggamma 03/14/2018
Magna and Lyft announce a multi-year collaboration in which the companies will jointly fund, develop, and man…
3.anachronistic 05/14/2018
Evercore ISI initiates as an outperform, $80PT
4.sggamma 06/05/2018
Magna to Produce the new Z4 for the BMW Group
5.1sparhawk1 03/14/2018
Magna and Lyft
6.1sparhawk1 02/28/2018
Magna to Hold Investor Day
7.1sparhawk1 03/02/2018
First-Ever All-Electric Jaguar Unveiled at Magna
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