1. chuckbouch6
2. shawnskie
3. futsbritt
4. AngelB40
5. bensynergy
1.futsbritt 01/30/2018
uggg, taking us back down to the 2.5 level
2.AngelB40 01/30/2018
Spilling the beans.
3.AngelB40 01/25/2018
You ain't seen nothin' yet
4.bensynergy 10/06/2017
I know AF at theStreet has bashed this company relentlessly. Glad to see some payback. No position but enjoy seeing shorts squirm....
5.chuckbouch6 10/12/2017
I am thinking this hits $4 before going back up. But, shorts have dogged this stock all year so might be quick if its squeezed more
6.futsbritt 02/06/2018
MannKind Corporation Appoints Dr. David Kendall as Chief Medical Officer - Smarter Analyst
7.futsbritt 01/25/2018
Boom day!
8.chuckbouch6 10/06/2017
At the same point, it is up over 200% in 3 days, need a healthy dip/consolidation. Best of Luck to all the LONGS ... This can run like crazy with 30% short float
9.AngelB40 10/06/2017
This stock is not stopping....
10.AngelB40 10/12/2017
So what do you guys expect the price will be tomorrow.
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