1. joestrades
2. hockeynutz4
3. sunstocks
4. dnagil4585
5. tv52898
1.sunstocks 03/01/2018
Seems like < 50s getting closer every day
2.dnagil4585 01/29/2018
Need some news - Shares likely in focus as next potential beverage takeover play
3.joestrades 05/31/2018
Board authorizes new $500 million buyback program
4.hockeynutz4 10/07/2017
Monster is bound to get bought out
5.sunstocks 10/07/2017
I think Coke pulls the trigger
6.joestrades 03/01/2018
7.joestrades 10/07/2017
Let management do the work in expanding and opening in new markets for now. Would rather stay alone. Market cap $31B is a big number.
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