2. Straightshooter
3. winxminx
4. ResearcherOfStocks
5. bl43493
1.ResearcherOfStocks 01/31/2018
Really nice turn around for this company
2.winxminx 01/31/2018
Microsoft Corporation: Trillion Dollar Software King by 2020? Richard Davis Shares Bullish Insights
3.MED9SHARES 12/04/2017
Buy the dip... very strong company
4.MED9SHARES 01/09/2018
Slower computers = more sales I guess
5.winxminx 02/05/2018
Microsoft Corporation on the Brink of Taking Share in Gaming: Oppenheimer
6.winxminx 02/16/2018
Microsoft and Flyreel Accelerate Insurance Industry Access to Groundbreaking New AI-Powered Underwriting Solution
7.bl43493 02/05/2018
Good call.
8.Straightshooter 01/17/2018
Microsoft stock chart flashes bearish reversal pattern as momentum fades
9.bl43493 02/12/2018
Microsofts Xbox unit is in danger of falling behind the Nintendo Switch in just another year or two.
10.MED9SHARES 02/05/2018
Loading up for the eventual purchase of Valve
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