1. hgresser
2. dwright29
3. theatregeek575
4. greymeridian92
5. mchaney7947us
1.007Bondsman 09/28/2017
I thought 38 would be the PT for today. Now I think 39 could hit. Just squeeze a bit more. Bought the 40 Oct 20 call options. Following the big $$$.
2.researcher17 01/09/2018
This stock will be in the 50s soon.
3.geof49997991 05/17/2018
RBC Capital Markets
4.dwright29 05/21/2018
Micron and Intel Extend their Leadership in 3D NAND Flash memory
5.greymeridian92 02/06/2018
6.aceinvestor 11/10/2017
Strong Growth Stock Powering Autonomous Vehicles -
7.antonio73smith 06/13/2018
Micron (MU): What Will the Next Batch of iPhones Mean for DRAM Demand? Top Analyst Weighs In
8.Investorrow 03/19/2018
Why Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) Stock Has at Least Another 35% to Go
9.theatregeek575 02/06/2018
Rockin it
10.hgresser 01/22/2018
Should Pay Off Handsomely for Long-Term Investors
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