1. robanna01
2. bezy5
3. lilderail
4. hockeynutz4
5. craymonk
1.vote4amazon 11/13/2017
Check out that volume!
2.tc779 01/19/2018
I have to believe they have a plan to keep this above $1, there are other requirements that are needed
3.pinkrose1986 11/13/2017
Buyers vs Sellers
4.bezy5 11/13/2017
Those who are patient here will make good money.
5.captureME 11/13/2017
Shorts deserve to lose 1000% if they shorted from $7
6.craymonk 01/08/2018
Great news ya'll - Argos Announces $1.5 Million Equity Investment by Lummy (Hong Kong), Ltd.
7.surfferguy 04/11/2018
closing up 45.33%.
8.lilderail 01/19/2018
Argos Announces One-for-Twenty Reverse Stock Split
9.robanna01 02/07/2018
Argos Obtains Option to License PD1 Checkpoint Inhibitors
10.craymonk 11/13/2017
The volume is simply overwhelming
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