1. alangved
2. seansand4
3. cavalierseventee
4. greenleaderrraf
5. jpanman11
1.alangved 01/23/2018
My Size Inc: Watch Out for These 7 Bearish Flags
2.alangved 02/22/2018
Unreal !
3.ahwlove 02/22/2018
Very intriguing chart {Image}
4.alangved 01/30/2018
Yeppers, was waiting for that, should have sold today
5.seansand4 01/23/2018
Bound to have a bear thesis
6.greenleaderrraf 01/30/2018
My Size Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock and Warrants to Purchase Common Stock
7.alangved 01/25/2018
8.seansand4 01/25/2018
9.cavalierseventee 01/09/2018
Coming back down to earth today
10.cavalierseventee 01/03/2018
News!!!!! Hitting 22% up
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