1. TickerTalk44
2. clarkfan
3. 48ncrebs
4. terrynkids
5. nvleo
1.48ncrebs 10/02/2017
Profits later
2.clarkfan 10/15/2017
Watch an operation with Mazor, on you tube. You will see perfection and reason to buy as preferred by drs.
3.clarkfan 10/02/2017
I see $GOOGL or $FB buying a Company like this with their focus on A.I. I don't often hold more than a month or so but I just don't see a reason not to here. Imagine if they a had a robot that did l
4.TickerTalk44 10/26/2017
Working well
5.clarkfan 10/14/2017
How high?
6.TickerTalk44 10/03/2017
Broke out of a year long consolidation
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