1. SugarDaddy
2. fcicco
3. fredeugenewillia
4. bigdog92ugk
5. greeneyedcuddleb
1.SugarDaddy 03/16/2018
2.fcicco 03/16/2018
shelf offering
3.SugarDaddy 03/27/2018
Nabriva Therapeutics and Roivant Sciences Enter into License Agreement to Develop and Commercialize Lefamulin in Greater China
4.SugarDaddy 03/16/2018
big news coming? pretty high target
5.fcicco 03/16/2018
Nabriva Therapeutics Reports 2017 Financial Results and Recent Corporate Highlights
6.SugarDaddy 07/25/2018
Needham & Co. reiterates Buy rating, $18 PT
7.fcicco 03/16/2018
yah, why the triple?
8.SugarDaddy 09/18/2017
Public offering of $80.0 million of ordinary shares
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