1. 20forMSFT
2. rollingemdice
3. BioTechBrains
4. xbrent640x
5. racemerob
1.BioTechBrains 09/15/2017
FDA Approval!
2.rollingemdice 01/10/2018
Ready for some nice news? - Neos Therapeutics to Present Three Posters at the Upcoming American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) Annual Meeting
3.20forMSFT 09/15/2017
@BioTechBrains Watching closely. They just had Cotempla approved in June, too.
4.rollingemdice 09/20/2017
@20forMSFT Sounds like you've been watching it closer than me :)  RollingEmDice  
5.rollingemdice 01/31/2018
yep, back in the $10s
6.20forMSFT 02/21/2018
PDL BioPharma, Inc. says will no longer pursue
7.BioTechBrains 09/24/2017
@rollingemdice huge upside potential. they've been stuck under 9 for awhile thoough...
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