1. kzucco
2. chewbanta
3. nellynat6
4. vtk420
1.vtk420 01/23/2018
I'll take 9% any day. Holding from pre-split
2.vtk420 03/11/2018
3.chewbanta 01/23/2018
dont consider hulu much, netflix has too much content
4.jimlayfield 07/05/2018
A report out of Europe says that the streaming giant is experimenting with a new ultra plan.
5.chewbanta 03/22/2018
Netflix is cranking out originals, and critics are lining up to share their opinions on the strategy.
6.kzucco 01/17/2018
Facebook's Planned Changes Make Sense When Netflix and YouTube Are a Click Away
7.johntyeb 01/23/2018
In sync with my thinking.
8.johntyeb 01/30/2018
MKM Partners analyst Rob Sanderson sees plenty of growth runway ahead for Netflix.
9.MED9SHARES 02/06/2018
CEO Bob Iger says Disney's streaming service will be able to compete with Netflix
10.vtk420 01/29/2018
We are on a riot this year
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