1. DayOneToday
2. elitebio30
3. bensynergy
4. BioTechBrains
1.bensynergy 10/05/2017
Never disclosed % patients PD-L1 positive. 53% of patients were treatment naive. 100% of patients treatment naive for checkpoints.
2.elitebio30 09/08/2017
@BioTechBrains Another great one for us! Did you listen to the Baird conf?
3.BioTechBrains 09/08/2017
Phase 2 updated data & presentation on 9th
4.elitebio30 10/02/2017
Pulled it down from $18 to $10
5.elitebio30 03/02/2018
NewLink Genetics Reports Fourth Quarter, Year-End 2017 Financial Results and Provides Update for Indoximod Programs
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